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No matter how careful we all are, sometimes accidents happen.


There's no need to be embarrassed, but for the safety of yourself and others, it is vital that all incidents no matter how small are reported. 


Here’s what you should do:

1. All injuries/accidents/near misses must be reported to someone in authority at the club: the Captain (, one of the Vice Captains or a Committee Member and the incident log on the official British Rowing Incident Reporting System.​

2. Any incident involving a motor vessel MUST be reported to the Environment Agency, tel. 01276 454900. Make sure you note the name of the vessel, and obtain witness statements if possible.

3. Damage to boats, launches etc must be reported by email (with details & photo preferably) to, and a "Do Not Use" sign attached to the equipment if you consider that it may be unsafe to use.   NEVER – EVER put a damaged boat back on the rack as if it had never happened. If the boat is damaged it needs to be fixed, not left for someone else to find and deal-with. No one is going to be angry about a genuine accident but hiding it or not owning up is a more serious matter.  


4. General repairs like heel restraints, poor shoes, wiring to cox boxes etc. can all be repaired by club members – so please do so. Please send an email describing the repair to so we can keep a record. We are all volunteers so please try and mend it yourself but if there is a repair that is outside of your expertise, please contact the Equipment officer ( who will be able to assist. If you feel out of your depth, please seek assistance to prevent any further damage to the boat.

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