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We are continuously monitoring the weather and river flow and will not run on Red boards. However, depending on conditions, we may run a race on Yellow boards. We are therefore taking the decision to reduce the entry by rejecting the following categories:

- Open and Women's J15 2x
- Open and Women's J15 1x
- All J14 events
- Adult beginner coxed quads

Entry fees for these categories will be refunded immediately. Please do not try and re-enter these boats in an older age category.

We now ask all coaches to assess the ability of the crews to marshal and turn effectively on a fast stream and to handle their boats in narrow areas e.g. bridges, islands etc. especially those with low or zero CRI.

Any crew who withdraws before Sunday 12th Nov at 4pm will be fully refunded.

We thank you for supporting Teddington Head and your understanding.

Best wishes, 
Diane Graham, Teddington Head Chair, and Rosemary Thorn, Chair of Race Committee



Events will be split into bands of crews with similar CRI if the entry is sufficient. Prizes will be
awarded to the winners of each band/event with 3 or more crews.

Masters Beginner events are aimed that those new to the sport, and in their first or second year
in the sport

Masters events may be handicapped.

Division 1 - 10:30
Division 2 - 14:00
8x+: J15, WJ15
8x+: J14, WJ14
8+: Open, Women, Masters, W Master
8+: Mixed Masters, J, WJ, WJ16, J16, WJ15, J15
4x-: Open, Women, J16, WJ16
4x-: Masters, W Masters, Mixed Masters, J, WJ
4x+: Masters Beginner, Mixed Masters Beginner, J15, WJ15
4x+: WMasters Beginner, J14, WJ14
4-: J, WJ, WMasters
4-: Open, Women, Masters, WJ16, J16
4+: Open, Women, W Masters, J, WJ, WJ15, J15
4+: Masters, J16, WJ16
2x: J, WJ, J15, WJ15, Masters, W Masters, Mixed Masters
2x: Open, Women, J16, WJ16, J14, WJ14
2-: Open, J, WJ
2-: Women, W Masters, Masters
1x: J, WJ, Masters
1x: Open, Women, W Masters, J16, WJ16, J15, WJ15


18th November

Divisions at 10:30 and 14:00

Organised by Walbrook Rowing Club and the Skiff Club, under BR rules

Court Golden Gates to Stevens Ait.
Distance: - 5200m approx.

Entries close: Sunday 12th November at 4pm
Entry fee: £16 1x, £32 2x/2, £64 4+/-/x, £120 Eights

Please scroll down for details of how to enter and submit payment


Numbers will not be issued if any entry fees are owing. Please nominate an email address to receive the draw and instructions.

Enquiries to be sent to: 

Telephone: 01932 240459 Mobile: 07920 401093

Payments to be made by BACS to:

Sort code: 60-21-17

Acc. no: 37356844

Entries close strictly on Sunday 12th November at 4pm.

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