Walbrook Boat Strategy 2020

Date Posted: 13 January 2020

Walbrook Rowing Club

Phase 3 Boat Plan (2020)


  • Over the last 3 years the Committee has worked to ensure that members have good quality boats of the right weight and type for their needs.
  • Phase 1 involved looking at boats for men.  A number of boats were sold  e.g. an eight, 2 pairs, coxed four and the income together with other funds raised purchased  a Fillippi quad, a Janousek quad, 2 heavyweight singles plus a number of blades.
  • Phase 2 concentrated on providing more sculling blades and improving the women’s boats. The award of grants from Petchey and the Rowing Foundation plus donations and club funds   purchased 4 sets of quad blades, 2 sets of double blades a junior girls quad, a women’s quad a women’s double, a second-hand general club mid range double and a mid range single.
  • Ahead of phase 3 the committee agreed to buy an 80kg Stamphli double as this was seen to be a good buy. To date this has been well used.
  • Phase 3 now looks at replacing the oldest club boats used by all sections of the club and to look at the junior provision. The group considered the following list of boats for replacement and also a request to provide a 90kg quad boat for the heavy junior boys. The list is given in no particular order. The group appreciated that if a “good buy” was identified then it would be prudent to purchase ahead of another boat.  

Actions agreed by committee

1)      Purchase quad for junior boys (a number of new/quality second hand options being considered)

Other Actions in no order – recommend action when suitable boat is identified

  • In discussion with TWC outside blade rack
  • Replace Wallop with 80kg secondhand boat in view of more learn to row and heavier juniors coming up next year.
  • Sell oldest coxed quad, replace with Walnut and purchase second-hand coxless four for women.
  • Replace 2 of the oldest singles with 70 – 80kg weight boats
  • Add additional coaching launch – cost approx. 5k if Peter builds this

Long term actions

  • Replace SWALK
  • Replace empacher quad
  • Replace oldest of mens coxless quads
  • Replace oldest coxed quad




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