Weil's disease - BR safety alert

Date Posted: 08 April 2020

Weil's disease safety alert

Indoor rowing safety alert

Date Posted: 04 April 2020

Indoor rowing safety alert

Coronavirus - club advisory notice

Date Posted: 23 March 2020

Coronavirus advisory notice

Walbrook Boat Strategy 2020

Date Posted: 13 January 2020

Seniors Boat Strategy Phase 3 is now being undertaken.  Find out about new boats, sales and changes

Walbrook Newsletter

Date Posted: 31 December 2019

Walbrook newsletter

Beware of Turks boats manoeuvres

Date Posted: 26 September 2018

Beware of Turks boats pulling out with little warning......

Boat Care - Always Clean Before Racking

Date Posted: 16 June 2018

Boat care - Always clean before racking with new Wash and Wax

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