Walbrook Juniors is the Junior Section of Walbrook Rowing Club and accepts juniors from year 8 upwards.

The Junior Squad season runs from the start of September to mid July with new joiners usually accepted during the Autumn term. Beginners are encouraged to try the sport through one of our summer “learn to scull courses”

(Note: Juniors are usually 12 years of age on or before the 1st Sept in the year of joining i.e. year 8 and above although we may accept Year 7 if there are spaces).


Training Commitment

Training commitment is dependent on age and experience. In general juniors should expect to attend regularly in order to be select for crews. We are sorry but we are not able to accept juniors who want to attend on an ad hoq basis. As a guide to progress in line with juniors at other clubs

J12 – 2 times a week

J13 – 3 times a week

J14 – 4 times a week

J15  - 6 times a week

J16 and above  – will require up to 15 hours a week for high performance juniors and will require 2 sessions on Saturday and Sundays. Those wishing to train on a regular basis but not at high performance level will be offered a programme based on around 5 sessions per week. We are happy to take those who cannot attend all the sessions as long as attendance is regular 


What Will It Cost?

Fees  include all sessions which will be held at the club plus a small contribution to running costs e.g. boat maintenance , insurance and repairs.. The only additional fees which will be charged will be due to boat transport to another venue, entrance charges and entry fees to events or training camps off site.

a) a  Walbrook annual membership fee for the period September to mid July  which includes October and February half terms plus Easter training but not Easter training camp if away from the club. Membership fees are payable by BACS to HSBC 40-44-46, Walbrook Rowing Club 51446967. Please put your child’s name followed by MF (short for Membership Fee) in the reference box or via our online Paysubsonline account (which has a small additional admin charge). In addition we all have to pay the TWC site fee (£135 for juniors) 

The annual Walbrook junior membership fees is as follows:

J12:                  £590

J13/14:            £590

 J15:                 £625

 J16+:               £670 

b) In addition to paying the Walbrook RC membership fee we are also required to pay an annual membership fee directly to Teddington Watersports Centre (“TWC”) who are the Management Company for the site. TWC are responsible for the upkeep of the premises; paying general maintenance, utilities, insurance, cleaning and many other expenses that occur from time to time. This is payable for 12 months from the date of joining. Please see TWC membership form at the back of this document.

c) Costs associated with entering Heads or Regatta races. Each Head and Regatta race charges an entry fee per athlete per event. The actual fee charged varies according to the Head or Regatta in question but is currently around £12 per event plus a charge made for transport of the boats usually about £8 - £10. Once the regatta closing date has passed race fees are payable. If a junior then withdraws from the crew and a substitute cannot be found then payment of the full entry fee will be paid by that junior unless the other members of the crew agree to pay their share.

Please note that all Head and Regatta entry costs are payable via our online Paysubsonline account (which has a small additional admin charge) with Juniors requested to ‘top up’ their account in relation to the number of races they compete in. This year there will be an online payment system which will automatically email you to remind you to pay fees.

d) Club kit (a minimum of “all in one”, black under top, black tracksuit bottoms). We hope that all juniors will also buy the Junior T shirt and sweat top to wear to attend club training and at regattas. Other kit is also available e.g. gilets, splash tops etc. Club “All in Ones” are £40 each, T shirts £10 and sweat tops £20

e) British Rowing Racing Licence. This is required in order to race.

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