If you would like to join our junior section then please email: info@walbrookrc.co.uk

We have spaces for experienced juniors in all age groups. 

We hope to be able to hold a learn to row course shortly and are holding a waiting list for this course. Please email info@walbrookrc.co.uk for more details 

Rowing as a Walbrook Junior 2018/19

Training times

 Saturday 7.45 (very prompt ) – J16+ group   This session is for those who will be staying on to the 10.45 session only ie it is not an alternative to the 10.45 session. Peter will advise on Friday evening if attendance at this session is required.

 Saturday  10.45 – 12.45 J16+ group

 Saturday 1.15 –  3.15 J12/13/14

Sunday 10.45 – J15,16,17,18 group

 Sunday 1.15 – J12/13/14

Evening training times are 4.15 on the Island but if you are late then please do still come and join in

Monday J16 +4.15

Tuesday J12+ 4.15

Wednesday J16 + 4.15

Thursday morning ergos 7am - open to all , 4.15 J12+

Friday J16+ 4.15




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