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Walbrook Rowing Club has an excellent selection of high quality rowing and sculling boats, in addition to the coaching launches, training ergonometers, other gym equipment and road trailers.  It is the responsibility of everyone who uses club equipment to treat it with respect and take great care to avoid damage.

The Equipment Officer, keeps a database of club equipment, maintains supply of spares and coordinates maintenance and repairs.   They are not responsible for doing all the maintenance required! All club members should be prepared to help out with maintenance and repairs, so please carry out any jobs you know how to do or ask for advice if necessary.  General spares are kept in the store room (white door on the right inside boathouse).

The Boat Allocation List in the boathouse shows which club members are allowed to use each boat.  In particular, it gives the correct weight range for rowers wishing to use that boat.  Since each boat is designed for a particular size and weight of rower, and may be damaged if these are exceeded (particularly shoes), so it is important to comply with this.  Information is also given on each boat rack label.  You will have a more comfortable row if the boat is the right size for you.

Boats are allocated to different club squads (Juniors, Women, Men), sometimes at different times of the day, to enable maximum and fair use of boats.

Some boats are more suitable for beginners, either due to boat design or age of boat.  The elite boats are reserved for experienced members and require “Captain’s Permission” for their use.  Be sure to ask the Rowing Club Captain and/or your Squad Coordinator before you use one for the first time.

Every member wishing to take out a boat unsupervised, ie: single on their own, or steer a double, coxless quad or four, is required to take a Steersperson Test.

Know how to use the club equipment correctly:

1. Care of boats - click here

2. Care of blades - click here

3. Care of ergos - click here

4. Moving and securing the singles trolley - click here

Check equipment before and after use.  If you accidentally damage something, please report it immediately, and if possible tell your coach or Squad Coordinator etc.  It is important to prevent damage getting worse, or someone using the equipment when it is dangerous.


 If you think a piece of equipment is unsafe, attach a “Do Not Use” sign.

Please record any damage, repairs or comments in the Log Book.


Inform the Walbrook Equipment Officer directly or via:

 Thank you!




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